Organising IE specific SASS stylesheets

So last week I spoke about using SASS to create IE specific stylesheets. This is a good idea if you’re using SASS (Or any CSS pre-compiler really) and, like me, you prefer to keep your dirty IE fixes away from proper styling.

At the end of that I said I’d talk about how we’re organising these. Unfortunately, thinking about it, this isn’t too exciting. Premature promises, eh? So here it is in brief:

Every version of IE has its own bundle. There is also a bundle for all IEs. The All IE bundle includes the regular CSS bundle and anything we want applied to all versions. Then, each specific IE version bundle includes the All IE bundle and anything specific to that version.

Fixes are (as far as practical) kept in separate, small files with names describing what they’re for and which versions they should apply to.

This means, for example, that we have a single file for applying a polyfill for gradients which is then imported into the relevant IE version bundles.

That’s about it really. Have a good week.

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